Women of Plastipak: Paving the way for Future Leaders

February 2, 2024

At Plastipak, we are grateful to have so many dedicated women working at our sites across the globe. Between solving problems, addressing client needs, fostering new talent, and improving our plants, these associates have been key to our success.

We recently talked with some of the women leaders on our team who are making a difference with their work every day. We’re proud to celebrate Julie Beagan, JJ Nuesmeyer and Isiane Pagoto, and share the lessons we’ve learned from their experiences.

Julie Beagan

Julie is the dedicated site administrator at Plastipak Gresford. With over 8 years of experience, she is deeply passionate about her role. In her position, Julie efficiently handles various administrative tasks while also enjoying the opportunity to interact with people, promote well-being, and foster a sense of community. She a vital link that brings everything together and she consistently finds her job intriguing.

One of Julie’s proudest accomplishments is the establishment of a well-being hub at the plant last May. This safe space, accessible 24/7, offers a wealth of resources and information for counseling. Having personally faced difficulties in seeking help outside of work in the past, Julie understands the importance of having such a hub within the workplace. She firmly believes that it is crucial to provide support and assistance to employees, ensuring their well-being is prioritized.

Julie also encourages women who aspire to join the packaging industry to pursue their dreams. She highlights the numerous opportunities available and believes that gender should never be a barrier to success. With her own experiences as inspiration, Julie strives to empower women to follow their passions and make their mark in the industry.

Julie’s advice to her colleagues is simple yet powerful: never settle for unhappiness and always strive to find what truly fulfills them. She firmly believes that everyone deserves to be content in their work and should push themselves to achieve their goals.

JJ Nuesmeyer

JJ works as the site manager for our plant in Alsip, Illinois. For over 26 years, she has called Plastipak home and helped her fellow associates grow in their own careers.

What truly drives JJ is her relentless pursuit of excellence. She is constantly seeking ways to improve processes and help others understand how they can enhance their own performance. JJ firmly believes that her success is intertwined with the success of her colleagues. That’s why she prefers to be on the production floor, working side by side with them. If a task holds significance for her team, it holds significance for her as well.

Throughout her extensive tenure, JJ has undertaken a diverse range of responsibilities. From spearheading the launch of new products to imparting knowledge about our systems in foreign countries, these experiences have shaped her into the professional she is today. Now, she can pass on her wisdom to those under her guidance, empowering them to achieve greatness.

Being part of a company that genuinely cares for its employees fills JJ with pride. Recently, Plastipak received a prestigious safety award, underscoring our commitment to our associates’ well-being. Safety holds paramount importance in numerous ways, and Plastipak’s dedication to it is commendable. It is imperative that we continue to prioritize safety as we move forward.

Isiane Pagoto

Isiane works as an HR specialist at Plastipak in Paulínia, Brazil, keeping the plant running smoothly. During her 12 years at Plastipak, she has grown in her role, successfully learning new skills and helping more people.

Isiane was offered the opportunity to transition careers here at Plastipak, and began working with project management software for our HR team. Now, after twelve years, she takes immense pride in this company and the work she is able to contribute.

We should always embrace the opportunity to learn and tackle new challenges. Isiane encourages women who aspire to enter the packaging industry to join us. Although it may appear to be a predominantly male environment, it is truly gratifying to contribute to the work and make a meaningful impact in our day-to-day tasks.

Every morning, Isiane wakes up motivated by the desire to brighten someone’s day and the knowledge that she can rely on our team, who, in turn, can uplift her. At work, the greatest satisfaction comes from witnessing the growth of her associates, both in their technical abilities and behavior. Being a part of their development fills her with immense pride.

Make a Difference

If you’re searching for a place where you can make a difference at work, we’d love to have you join our hard-working team. To learn more about working at Plastipak and find our available jobs, please visit our careers page.

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