Privacy Policy

Plastipak Holdings, Inc., and any of its Affiliates, are committed to protecting your privacy.

We have developed the following policy in compliance with US privacy laws, the Privacy Act of 1974, GDPR regulations (General Data Protection Regulation within the European Union), and under applicable data protection and privacy laws for South America (LATAM), Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa (EMEA), Japan, and Asia-Pacific (APAC). Your privacy and the integrity of any information you provide are important to us. Different privacy laws apply to different websites depending on the engagement with the consumer. Plastipak Holdings, Inc. solely retrieves information you provide within your browser. We, as an organization, do not share this data to third party companies. We only obtain personal information regarding your browsing experience for statistics only when you visit our site. This page sets out our privacy policy and describes why and how we collect, use and disclose personal information which you choose to provide to us on our website. This policy doesn’t apply to anyone who isn’t under our control or management, such as the operators of other websites that you might link to from our website. Such operators may have their own privacy policies, which might differ from ours. By clicking “I agree” from our privacy policy popup box on our website located in the bottom left corner, you are allowing Plastipak Holdings, Inc. to receive your data from your browser. Once you agree, this message won’t show up again unless you clear the cache from your browser settings.

How Will Plastipak Holdings, Inc. Collect Personal Information?

You are under no obligation to disclose any personal information to us at any time. However, your computer shares basic information and some features of the website need some personal information to work, such as our contact forms. In the process you may be asked to give your name, e-mail address, address, etc. for the purpose of these services. We may also automatically collect information about the web content you view in the event of a known security or virus threat. This information includes:
  1. The Internet domain from which you access our website (for example, “” if you use a private Internet access account, or “” if you connect from an educational domain);
  2. The Internet Protocol (IP) address (a unique number for each computer connected to the Internet) from which you access our website;
  3. The type of browser (e.g., Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome) used to access our site;
  4. The operating system (e.g., Windows, Mac OS, Unix) used to access our site;
  5. The date and time you access our site;
  6. The Universal Resource Locators (URLs), or addresses, of the pages you visit;
  7. Your username, if it was used to log in to the website; and
  8. If you visited this website from another website, the URL of the forwarding site.

How Can You Request Changes to Personally Identifiable Information That Was Collected?

If personal identifiable information is collected from your browser, which is offered by your browser settings, you can use our contact from our website for verification and to request changes of such information. Note: The information collected is not applicable to Do Not Track “DNT” requests. The information collected comes solely from your browser. Our cookies collect your statistics of your visit when browsing our site. If you would like to know what information you shared from your own computer, review your browser and computer settings.

What Does Plastipak Do with “Do Not Track” Requests?

Do Not Track (DNT) is a preference that users can set on their browser (if supported) to opt-out from online behavioral tracking. Plastipak Packaging, Inc.’s website does not respond to the DNT setting of a user’s web browser.

Does the Plastipak Holdings, Inc. Site Use “Cookies”?

In compliance with US privacy laws, the Privacy Act of 1974, European Privacy Policies – The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and under applicable data protection and privacy laws for South America (LATAM), Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa (EMEA), Japan, and Asia-Pacific (APAC), we make a notification of the usage of cookies on our site(s). To ensure you the best experience on our website and to analyze its use, Plastipak Holdings, Inc. uses cookies and processes data. Our site uses “cookies” which are small files containing pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies, but if you prefer, you can set your browser to block them. Our cookies can contain information such as your user ID that our website uses to recognize you. Our cookies can’t read data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites. The only personal information our cookies contain is the information you provide yourself. When you enter personal information on our website, your personal information will be linked to the cookie we save on your computer. If you do choose to delete your cookie, you may not be able to use the administrative features of the website.

Data We Process When You Use Plastipak Holdings, Inc.’s Website

When you use our website, we process information related to such activity – including information like the links you clicked on, IP addresses, cookie data* (see definition below), device IDs and location.

Why We Process It

We process this data according to our Statement, including but not limited to:
  • Improve our services’ quality and new product developments;
  • Deliver more customized and useful content to you;
  • Improve online navigation protection against fraud; and
  • Conduct analytics to understand how our website is used

Decide How Your Data is Used

  • What are cookies?Cookies are small data or text files that are placed by websites on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device with purposes of helping providers to remember your previous visits, track and retain details of what you do at the website so that the provider can offer you a better user experience and display more relevant services and other conveniences, like language settings and newsletters.You enjoy the benefits of a customized navigation in websites because of technology such as cookies and other data, based on things that you do in websites and social media. Plastipak Holdings, Inc. uses cookies and other identification technologies for a number of purposes, including the above and to remember user preferences and settings, to determine content popularity, to analyze site traffic and trends, delivering and measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in Plastipak Holdings, Inc.’s website or on the websites of partners which we work with, and to generally understand the online behaviors and interests of people, customers and service providers who interact with Plastipak Holdings, Inc.

Google Analytics, Social Media and Our Careers Section

We use Google Analytics to track how visitors interact with our website, analyze where traffic is generated from and collect information related to general site engagement. We have social media integration for recruiting purposes and to promote products and services. None of your personal information will ever be shared with Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Google.  We do not publicize advertising on our site. However, you may click here for more information on Google ads. For more information on opting out of Facebook ads, click here. Should you delete your cookies, please note, you will need to opt out of seeing these messages again. These cookies cannot personally identify you and expire after 180 days or until you clear your cookies. For more about Google and YouTube privacy policies, visit here: On websites where you engage with social share buttons (ex: Facebook Like Button or the share content buttons), the services that manage the social platform you get directed to may use cookies. Plastipak Holdings, Inc. is not affiliated with any of these services and all legalities surrounding the use of cookies are thus under the policies set by the social media platforms. Plastipak partners with Workday for recruiting purposes. To review the Workday privacy policy, click here. In case you are applying to a job posted in our website, by sending a Curriculum Vitae/applying through your LinkedIn profile/resume or otherwise, such personal data may include your name, email address, telephone number, employment status, application form and references, contact and emergency contact details and records relating to your career history, such as training records and education history. For recruiting purposes Plastipak needs to process some personal information given through a form filling process and we will not keep this data longer than necessary (no longer than 6 months).

Vendors and Suppliers of Plastipak

Within the process of supplier and vendor management, you may be asked to give your name, professional e-mail address, professional address, telephone number, etc. for the purpose of these services. Plastipak believes that processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract.

How Is Your Personal Information Protected?

Plastipak Holdings, Inc. is committed to protecting your personal information and has developed policies and procedures to ensure our compliance with our own Security and Privacy Policy and with applicable Federal and Provincial laws. We also understand your concerns about online security and we do our best to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of information under our control. We encourage parties linked to our site to follow similar practices; however, we have no control over how other websites fulfill their obligations and conduct their privacy policies. We encourage you to review the privacy policies posted on the websites linked to our website.

Will Plastipak Holdings, Inc. Share Your Information?

When you voluntarily provide Plastipak Holdings, Inc. with personally identifiable information online, that information is kept within the Plastipak Holdings, Inc. family of web site(s) and will not be shared or distributed to our partners, vendors or sponsors.

What If You Have Any Questions About This Privacy Policy?

If you have any questions please contact Plastipak Holdings, Inc., 41605 Ann Arbor Road, Plymouth, Michigan 48170 or call us at (734) 455-3600. If you have any question or complaint related to the General Data Protection Regulation within the European Union (GDPR), please contact If you have any question or complaint related to the General Data Protection Law within Brazil (LGPD), please contact

What If Plastipak Holdings, Inc. Changes This Privacy Policy?

We will use browser information in accordance with the Privacy Policy in effect at the time the information was collected. We review and update our Privacy Policy on regular basis. You can review our latest privacy policy by visiting our website. If at some point we would like to start using your personal information in a manner different from that stated at the time it was collected, we will first ask for your approval by email.

Privacy Statement Effective Date and Revision Days

Occasionally we may update the privacy statement for this site in order to reflect any changes to the website or our privacy practices. Our policies are updated quarterly as needed. The effective date of this privacy statement is May 2018.

What If You Do Not Agree With This Privacy Policy?

By visiting our web site(s) and voluntarily providing personal information to the Plastipak Holdings, Inc. website(s), you agree to the terms of this online Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy contained herein. However, we welcome your comments and/or suggestions on improving our web site(s) and policies. If you do not agree to these terms, or wish to limit the use of any of your personal information that we may have, you may contact us.

Note on Jurisdiction:

Plastipak Holdings, Inc. is a global company based in Plymouth, Michigan. We meet the privacy policy requirements in each of the countries in which we operate. You may not use this website(s) if law prohibits you from doing so in the country in which you reside.