Plastipak’s Creative Package Studio

Our in-house design studio offers a collaborative space to explore brand-defining packaging possibilities.

Studio Sessions

With deep knowledge of packaging trends, our team of industrial and graphic designers, developers, and creatives, guide brand owners through market research, competitor trends, and packaging industry innovations. We ideate together and work side-by-side to conceptualize an ownable packaging design that will stand out on shelf and become as notable as the products it contains.

Capabilities Center

The Creative Package Studio is also part of Plastipak’s Capabilities Center, an on-site production facility that allows us to partner with our clients in a new way. The Creative Package Studio uses the Capabilities Center to produce small runs of packaging to test on shelf, as well as offering practical demonstration of our patented technologies.

Augmented Reality

With a CAD model created in your studio session, we can place your product packaging into our augmented reality market simulation. This helps identify the right concept that is placed next to competitive products in a life-like planagram environment.

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