a Plastipak | Aerosol Technology for Lightweight Plastic Aerosols '

Innovative PET Aerosol Containers

Aerosol containers are a lightweight alternative to tin-plate or steel and provide a sustainable packaging option.

These rust-free, dent-free aerosol containers are warm and soft to the touch. Transparent, opaque, clear or colored options are available for a wide range of applications including home, personal care, food, and industrial.

Key Benefits of Aerosol Technology

  • Lightweight
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Cost effective
  • Low lifetime cost of ownership
  • No rusting or denting
  • Design and shape flexibility
  • Tactile warm touch
  • BPA free


  • Shaving gels
  • Hair styling products
  • Food/cream
  • Sun protection
  • Air care
  • Polish
  • *subject to chemical compatibility

Award-Winning Aerosol Technology in Europe

Plastipak serves the aerosol market in Europe with award-winning plastic aerosol containers, which earned two UK Packaging Awards for our Deft range of aerosol cleaning sprays: Rigid Plastic Pack of the Year and the Consumer Convenience Pack of the Year.

Multiple Awards for SprayPet™

SprayPET™ technology has earned multiple awards, recognizing the technology's innovation and sustainability elements. SprayPET™ offers cost-effective size and design flexibility suitable for use with any standard actuator.

SprayPET™ Specs | View PDF