Plastipak Packaging Proudly Hosts Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s Launch of Comprehensive Statewide Recycling Initiative

April 9, 2014

Plastipak Packaging, a global Michigan-based manufacturer of plastic containers and plastic resin for the food, beverage, and consumer products industries, today hosted Michigan Governor Rick Snyder at its Clean Tech plastic recycling site in Dundee, Michigan. After a brief tour of the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Governor Snyder announced his plan to significantly increase comprehensive recycling in the state. With recycling capacity now installed throughout its global regions, Plastipak expects to recycle about 6 billion plastic bottles this year and about 10 billion plastic bottles within 3 years if recycling rates improve further in the communities in which it operates. Plastipak opened the Clean Tech site in 1989, and is a pioneer in the plastic recycling industry. Plastic is the optimal material choice for many consumer packaging applications, and is already among the most recycled materials in the U.S. Using post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials in Plastipak’s products makes plastic an even better choice for consumer packaging, and improving its recycling rate further is a win-win-win for consumers, the community and the environment. As a long-time leader in the sector, Plastipak has made recycling one of its core organizational capabilities, and a cornerstone of its global business model. It understands that sound governmental policy is key to aligning economic and environmental goals, and that Michigan needs vision and leadership to build on its heritage of recycling in a way that is convenient, innovative, cost-effective, and cost-transparent. As a result of this deep and enduring commitment to recycling, Plastipak has been a long-term partner in helping develop Michigan’s environmental policy, including the work group that met under the leadership of DEQ Director Wyant to develop the action plan announced by the Governor today. Plastipak is a member of the Michigan Recycling Partnership, and is proud to be an honoree in the Detroit Free Press 2014 Michigan Green Leader awards. The nearly 200 Michigan families that earn their income from jobs at Clean Tech wholeheartedly support the Governor’s vision for Michigan to get serious about recovering wasted commodities and better caring for our Pure Michigan. Plastipak believes that recycling is a win-win-win for its customers, the community and the environment:
  • Plastipak’s customers benefit by having access to ultraclean PCR plastic resin, increasingly important as retail consumers demand more recycled content in the packaging for the products they choose on store shelves.
  • The community benefits from additional investment and employment opportunities — if investments are made to enhance local curbside and other recycling programs, studies show that increasing Michigan’s recycling rate merely to the regional average would create up to 13,000 new jobs and up to $300 million in payroll for Michigan residents. Exceeding the average would yield even better results.
  • The environment benefits by allowing us to recycle plastic that might otherwise end up in landfills, enabling us to significantly reduce overall energy use and carbon footprint.