Plastipak Senior Leadership

The strategic direction of Plastipak is established by senior leadership. This seasoned team ensures that company operations, policies, and partnerships are in the best interest of the Plastipak. Integrity is at the heart of the foundational decisions that set the course for Plastipak.

William C. Young

President and
Chief Executive Officer

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Michael J. Plotzke
Michael J. Plotzke

Senior Vice President of Finance,
Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer

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Frank Pollock

Chief Commercial Officer,
President of International Operations and
Business Development

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Thomas Busard

Chief Procurement and
Product Supply Officer – Global

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Richard Darr

Vice President of
Global Packaging Development
and Technology

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Pradeep Modi

Chief Accounting Officer and
Vice President of Administration and
Strategic Planning

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David Daugherty

Chief Information Officer and
Vice President of Talent Management

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Tom Jabero

General Counsel

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