Our Company

The Intersection of Capacity and Ability

Centralized Location to Showcase Products and Processes

The Global Capability Center was established to design packages that win on the shelf by leveraging the supply chain and showcasing the value Plastipak creates to de-risk brand owners. Located in Plymouth, Michigan, it allows customers to visualize our technologies and the value they deliver to the marketplace. Customers benefit from a focused demonstration of both products and processes.

The Global Capability Center is a centralized location for Plastipak’s creative packaging teams to work together to develop innovative packaging solutions.

Leveraging the Supply Chain

Plastipak leverages the supply chain for a successful process from the initial idea to a win on the shelf.


  • Market Insight
  • Ideation – Decorated Package
  • 1st & 2nd
    Moment of Truth Focus
  • Brand Owners
  • Plastipak Creative Package Studios


  • Test Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Verification of 1st & 2nd Moment of Truth
  • Modeling/Prototyping
  • Unit Cavity
  • Focus Groups


  • Commercialization
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Efficiencies


  • 1st & 2nd
    Moment of Truth realized


  • Increases Time of Delivery through Capability Center & Improve Value to Brand Owners

Global Capability Center Advantages:

  • Helps brand owners understand our priorities of technology and how it is employed both in our operations and in our products
  • Directs Plastipak’s business to be successfully driven by innovative technology and organizational development
  • Demonstrates trusted capabilities to allow customers to make decisions with confidence in Plastipak


Customers experience practical demonstrations of our most innovative technologies, including:

  • Direct Object Printing
  • ThermoShape™
  • Hot Fill EPET
  • Filling & Capping
  • Creative Package Studio
  • Virtual Reality Simulation