2011 – Plastipak Presents ThermoShape™ at NOVA-PACK 2011 Conference

April 9, 2011

Plastipak recently presented its patented, revolutionary ThermoShape™ technology for the first time publicly at NOVA-PACK’s 27th International Conference on PET Containers for Food & Beverages. Having commissioned the first two ThermoShape™ filling lines in the United Arab Emirates and France, Plastipak Packaging presented and discussed its new breakthrough packaging solution for the first time at a public forum at the NOVA-PACK 2011 Conference.

Director of Technology Plastipak’s director of technology integration, Jean-Guy Delage, conducted the presentation, which included both a 3D animation of the ThermoShape™ process and an on-site video clip of an industrial operation.

ThermoShape™ Advantages ThermoShape™ technology includes the following significant advantages over alternative packaging options for the global non-refrigerated, high acid-sensitive food and beverage market segments:

Hot fill is a risk-free, inexpensive conventional filling technology which, unlike “wet” aseptic solutions, does not require chemical decontamination or sterile water rinsing of decontaminated containers and closures.

PROCESSORS CAN USE EXISTING hot fill process lines to fill PET containers that are 30% lighter, or even lighter still, than with conventional hot fill bottling lines. VACUUM PANELS and other vacuum-resistant features necessary for conventional PET hot fill processes are eliminated, giving bottlers greater freedom to design attractive packages.

An Attractive Alternative For processors currently considering or using aseptic and other packaging solutions, hot filling with ThermoShape™ offers a new viable and economically attractive alternative. Compared with aseptic cold filling methods, it requires less capital investment, a less rigorous level of technical training, and avoids chemical decontamination. It further eliminates stringent filling conditions and the possibility of product re-contamination during filling and capping.

Global Attention For these and other reasons, ThermoShape™ technology attracts the attention of food and beverage processors worldwide