Markets Served


Aerosol Air Freshener Packaging

Air freshener packaging has a fresh, lightweight touch with PET aerosol packaging. The lightweight, cost-effective containers have a low carbon footprint and are warm to the touch, unlike the competition. Design flexibility gives way to brand-building packaging.

Breakthrough PET aerosol packaging for air freshener sprays

Aerosol Packaging for Personal Care

PET aerosol packaging opens the door to lightweight, aerosol packaging for use in the personal care market. These rust-free, dent-free aerosol containers with a tactile warm touch are appealing for personal care products such as shaving gels, hair styling products, sun protection, and more.

Ideal aerosol packaging for shaving cream, hair products, self-tan sprays, and more

Award-Winning Aerosol Packaging

Plastipak serves the aerosol market with award-winning plastic aerosol containers, which earned two UK Packaging Awards for our Deft range of aerosol cleaning sprays: Rigid Plastic Pack of the Year and the Consumer Convenience Pack of the Year.

Plastic aerosol containers for a range of cleaning products