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Stand Out on Shelf & Bring Your Brand to Life with Custom Decoration

Plastipak offers a range of decoration technologies to meet the varying needs of our customers. From traditional labels to eco-friendly printing to premium packaging options, Plastipak offers patented decoration technologies for every market.

Our Proprietary Technologies


Direct Object Printing

Next generation eco-friendly printing technology

Our award-winning Direct Object Printing technology offers variable data printing solutions for full front, back panel, and shoulder printing on rigid containers, eliminating the need for traditional labels. Rapid label change capabilities allow for engagement opportunities, promotions, and customization without stopping the printing process, thereby eliminating downtime and costly plate changes. Trends, communications, and regional-specific message changes are easily facilitated with our adaptable printing technology.

Key Benefits

• No more labels
• Speed to market
• Reduces obsolete inventory
• Engagement opportunities
• Recyclable


Embossing & Debossing

For a premium packaging look and feel, Plastipak offers embossing and debossing, which can emulate the designs seen on luxury items such as spirits and personal care products. For these applications, as well as beverage and food applications, embossing and debossing can instantly convey brand identity in both visual and tactile ways.

Traditional Labels

Traditional Labels

The product label plays a significant role in shelf appeal for the consumer. Plastipak offers a range of traditional labeling technologies to meet the varying labeling needs of our customers. Our cost-effective labeling options give customers the flexibility to make their product stand out on the shelf.


  • In-Mold Labels (IML)
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • Heat Transfer 
  • Roll Fed 
  • Screen Printing (EU Only) 
  • Sleeve Labeling