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Otomotiv, Endüstri ve Tarım Ürünleri

Durable Industrial, Automotive and Agricultural Packaging

Industrial, automotive, and agricultural products call for unique strategies to ensure durable, reliable packaging. Plastipak’s barrier technologies deliver strong packaging for full product protection. Detailed features ensure consumer convenience with multi-directional grips for ease-of-handling and nozzles designed for easy dispensation.

Packaging with innovative features for ideal handling

Packaging for the Automotive Aftermarket Industry

Innovation drives Plastipak’s automotive aftermarket packaging. Custom package designs make a bold statement for automotive products such as car oils, antifreeze, and coolants. Barrier technologies protect the special needs of petroleum-based products.

Bold packaging statements for the automotive aftermarket industry


Packaging for Industrial Products

No ordinary package will do for industrial packaging. Safe, reliable packaging is a must for industrial products such as paint thinner, heater fuel, bleach, and others. Plastipak gets the job done right with dependable packaging enhanced with optional handle features and other functional features.

Safe, reliable packaging for industrial products

Packaging for Agricultural Products

Practical features result in ease-of-application for lawn care products, pesticides, and other agricultural products. Barrier technologies provide protection to maximize product effectiveness while brand-building designs help the product stand out on store shelves.

Ease-of-application for agricultural products