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Protecting the Environment
The impact of climate change and the threat to the environment from pollutants are too big to ignore, and Plastipak is doing everything possible to protect the future of the planet.

The company is committed to social responsibility for environmental guardianship and its leadership in sustainability. Plastipak is meeting the goals set by the company's formal conservation plan.

Under this plan Plastipak has initiated a program to reduce compressed air leakage throughout all of our U.S. operations, achieve greater fuel economy, reduce volatile emissions and expand lightweighting programs to reduce the amount of plastic in each container. Plastipak engineers its source materials, technologies, transportation, distribution and recycling scenarios to fit customer sustainability requirements as well.

For over 20 years, we have led the plastics industry in protecting the environment and the consumer, building and improving our sustainable processes over time.

Plastipak has been dedicated to environmental stewardship for over 20 years, protecting the environment for future generations and acting as a responsible global citizen for a shared community.

Leaders in Sustainability
Plastipak has not always called its initiative “sustainability,” but the company has embraced these concepts and implemented them in its processes since the organization's inception.

Clean Tech Recycles Billions of Bottles a Year

Plastipak’s affiliate, Clean Tech, recycles both PET and HDPE bottles using state-of-the-art technology.

Plastipak founded its recycling facility, Clean Tech, long before it was a grassroots movement. Since it first began operations in 1989, this recycling center has recycled billions of plastic bottles.

Clean Tech also recycles the water it uses during the recycling process. Used water is sent to its in-house water treatment plant where microbes feed on microscopic bits of natural materials while harmless compounds are added. This interaction successfully cleans and readies the water for reuse.

Plastipak is committed to a clean recycling ecosystem, encouraging activities that will not diminish the recyclability of plastic containers.

Recycled materials are used to make new, innovative products.

Clean Tech proudly recycles plastic bottles for reuse.

Whiteline Express Reduces Emmisions and Fuel Use

Whiteline is commited to sustainability over the long haul

Our trucking company, Whiteline Express, Ltd., was founded in 1983 to provide Plastipak a strategic advantage in transportation and logistics support. Whiteline has developed into a full-service carrier equipped with a fleet of 300 trucks and 1,000 trailers supporting a customer base of the nation’s leading shippers.

Whiteline tests and implements sustainability practices, focused primarily on improving fuel economy and decreasing emissions.

The foundation for these sustainability efforts is Whiteline’s beneficial affiliation with the EPA-sponsored SmartWay Transportation Partnership. In order to meet SmartWay’s goals, Whiteline is diligently taking steps to:
  • Install anti-idling devices, aerodynamic side fairings and more efficient tractors
  • Purchase more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient trucks
  • Provide new energy-efficient engine settings and low-rolling resistance tires for the fleet
  • Distribute driver training materials to improve fuel economy

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