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We are creating a culture that fosters environmental and community stewardship among our associates, creating positive environmental shifts at the macro and micro level.

Associates are encouraged to support their community's environmental initiatives as well as provide input to promote sustainability in our operations.
In February 2008, associates working in the McCalla, Alabama facility began researching the idea of recycling, paying particular attention to waste streams produced by that site. The team connected with a local paper, cardboard and plastic liners recycling center.

During the first year of the program, McCalla reduced waste sent to landfills by 30 tons. McCalla associates have identified effective activities to reduce additional waste.
In 2008, the Champaign site added equipment to their ventilation fans to better manage airflow. During the winter months, the ventilation fans allow Champaign to move warm air from the production area to the cooler warehouse area.

This significantly reduced the need to heat the warehouse. This warm air “recycling” system proved so efficient that Champaign rarely utilizes natural gas for heating during the winter. And in 2008 alone, Champaign saved 150,000 therms of energy.

In 2009, the Westland facility completed a project to remove all old lights and converted them to new high efficiency fixtures. Low traffic areas were also outfitted with motion sensors to automatically turn off lights when areas are not in use.

Westland also reprogrammed and installed controls on several lines that automatically shut down motors when the line is not producing for a period of time. That same year, Westland sent 285 tons of material to the landfill, a reduction of 71 tons from 2008. Materials they recycled included plastic, computer equipment, metals, cardboard and other materials. Today Westland associates continue maintaining this energy savings program.
Every three months, Jackson Center donates money to youth groups that scour the site to pick up trash and recyclables throughout the area.

This is an ongoing effort to help recycle materials that would otherwise go to landfills, as well as to promote youth participation in the community.
Since 2008 the Medina associates have taken old lamps, batteries and other waste to the Medina Central Processing Center.

Package Development Center
Since 2009, Medina associates have changed the old lighting to more energy-efficient lights. They replaced the high bay lights with fluorescents and installed motion sensors on light switches in all restrooms and conference rooms. Today they continue maintaining this program to minimize their energy consumption.
The Garland, Texas site recycles cardboard, plastic, wood, paper and metal. In 2011 and 2012, Garland recycled 2,140 and 4,350 tons, respectively. They also recycled several hazardous waste items, including ink jet cartridges and light bulbs.
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