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Our Global Initiatives Thrive on Effective Management

As global producers of plastic containers, we have a responsibility from design to disposal to meet sustainability demands. Our sustainability initiatives are guided by a Bottle to Bottle approach
to recycling.

Plastipak holds itself accountable to stakeholders to run operations in an environmentally friendly manner for current and future generations. We have made that goal an inseparable part of our business plan.

Plastipak introduces the ultimate eco-friendly
'EcoPreform'. Building on its unrivalled recycling expertise as well as its bio-based PET capability, Plastipak sets a new standard in environmentally friendly PET packaging with preforms & bottles consisting of 75% recycled PET & 25% bio-based PET. The recycled PET as well as the bio-based PET are produced by Plastipak. Learn more about EcoPreforms.





Greenhouse Gas Emissions
We have calculated our carbon footprint to help us establish a specific reduction target for the future.

Energy, Water and Waste Reduction Programs
We have formalized energy reduction programs company-wide to establish a wider, more unified and measurable approach to reducing our energy usage.

Reducing Electrical Consumption
Plastipak’s Energy Team diligently identifies key areas to reduce electricity usage. Strategies to help save electricity use and costs are outlined by the team, including a training program for all site managers.

Compressed Air Leaks
Leaks of compressed air comprise as much as 20-30% of the compressor’s output, resulting in high electricity usage. Plastipak systematically identifies and repairs compressed air leaks.
Hybridizing Gaylord Containers
The hybrid gaylord container is made with reduced cardboard content, for a longer-lasting, more efficient storage item. About 90% of the gaylord containers we use are hybrids, saving an estimated 400 trees per year.

Lighter Weight Liners
The thickness of liners on gaylord pallets was reduced significantly, saving 150,000 pounds of plastic.

Recycled, Reused Pallets
About 25% of all our pallets are made from recycled wood and are reused several times. We purchase an estimated 20,000 reused pallets annually, saving about 200 trees per year. Our commitment to conserving forests includes developing a program to protect the rainforest in Brazil.

Direct Object Printing™
Plastipak’s Ink to Bottle™ technology eliminates the need for labeling substrates, reducing Plastipak’s carbon footprint in production, transportation and post-consumer waste. This quick, simple and eco-efficient technology allows customers to engage consumers with highly customized packaging solutions designed to communicate the most targeted, consumer-centric messaging to local markets worldwide.

More Energy-Efficient Forklifts
We utilize over 300 forklifts to move hundreds of thousands of products at every site. Our forklifts are powered by either batteries or propane. Propane provides a more environmentally friendly fuel than gasoline or diesel.
Lightweighting Programs
Lightweighting is the technical process of reducing the weight of plastic bottles, while maintaining functionality, durability and consumer appeal. This reduces the resin content of the bottle and uses less electricity overall.

1881 Finish Developments
The 1881 Finish Developments program was initiated by the International Society of Beverage Technologists to optimize the weight and functionality of carbonated drinks. In late 2008, we joined the 1881 conversion, reducing the finish weight by over 25 percent.

ThermoShape™ is Plastipak’s exclusive technology and breakthrough process involving lightweighting and reshaping a Hot Fill bottle. This process saves significantly on resin, has the ability to use existing blow molding/filling lines, and has increased flexibility and freedom. Products that benefit from ThermoShape™ include sports drinks, juice, food and nutritional supplements and other hot filled beverages.

Multi-Layered HDPE
We use recycled material for the middle layers of multi-layered HDPE containers for non-food products such as detergents and cleaning products. This maximizes the use of plastics collected from homes and offices that are recycled at facilities such as ours.
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