Environment, Social & Governance

At Plastipak, our focus on environmental, social, and governance standards is another step toward a positive future. Our work implementing sustainable environmental practices and partners, creating an encouraging and safe work environment, and constantly maintaining an ethical and morally responsible mindset guides every decision we make in business and across our supply chain.

Plastipak sprijină Obiectivele de Dezvoltare ale Națiunilor Unite

Our 4 Pillars of ESG

As global citizens, we are always working to create a more purposeful, sustainable, and enjoyable future. Our four pillars guide our work now and into the future.


For decades, our passion for the environment has been at the heart of everything we do. It’s led us to be an industry leader in bottle-to-bottle recycling, as well as a pioneer in responsible packaging design and low carbon production. Building on our strong foundations, we’ve fully embraced the wider aspects of ESG, actively playing our part in the drive towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Vicepreședinte al Sustenabilității Globale

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We work with our customers, environmental innovators, like-minded manufacturers, and our associates to solve problems, push boundaries, and improve the status quo. With over 50 plants all dedicated to improving their environmental impact, Plastipak continues to minimize the footprint of our operations across the world.

  • Externally validated science based GHG emissions reduction targets established
  • Foaia de parcurs pentru energie curată și verde
  • Year-over-year improvement goals for both energy efficiency and reduction of energy
  • Administrarea responsabilă a apei
  • Zero Waste to Landfill project
  • Action to eliminate resin pellet loss into waterways and local environments

United Nations Development Goals

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We innovate with an eco-friendly and forward-looking mindset to ensure sustainability and circularity at every touchpoint. Our industry leading expertise in the production of recycled resin has lead to the production of over 40 billion packaging units per year, while reducing the impact of our products and maximizing resource efficiency.

  • Creșteți conținutul reciclat din ambalajele noastre
  • Lightweighting technologies and innovation
  • Dezvoltare tehnologică și investiții
  • Continue to enhance and develop our recycling technologies, whilst increasing our capacity and geographical spread to produce more recycled resin
  • Încorporați și conduceți designul pentru reciclabilitate, precum și pentru siguranța produsului
  • Analiza ciclului de viață al produsului conform ISO

United Nations Development Goals

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Our associates and our communities are our biggest drivers, so we start every project with a “people-first” approach. With over 6,000 valued associates, and many more people in our value chains and communities, Plastipak is committed to ensuring safe, fair, and equitable conditions for all.

  • Programe cuprinzătoare de sănătate, siguranță și bunăstare de-a lungul afacerii și a lanțului valoric, vizând zero accidente
  • Programe ample de formare și dezvoltare personală
  • Strong and enforced policies against bullying, harassment, discrimination, forced and child labor, a proactive approach to diversity and inclusion
  • Oportunități de angajare de calitate, calificate și durabile
  • Leading practical recycling education for our value chain, stakeholders, communities, and beyond
  • Sprijin pentru comunitățile noastre la nivel practic și real, încurajând dezvoltarea tinerilor, îngrijirea celor aflați în nevoie

United Nations Development Goals

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We keep ourselves, our suppliers, and our partners accountable. We look to set the standard for environmental ordinances throughout the group and our value chain and help set the standard for the industry.

  • Aprovizionare responsabilă
  • Sprijinirea companiilor deținute de femei și minorități
  • Practices against anti-competitive behavior, bribery, and unethical business
  • Digital/cyber security and privacy
  • Dezvăluirea responsabilă ESG

United Nations Development Goals

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Plastipak has received global recognition for its sustainability-driven initiatives and packaging innovation.

NAPCOR's Positively PET

Îmbunătățiți-vă cunoștințele cu campania „Positively PET™” a NAPCOR

Plastipak este mândru să fie membru al NAPCOR, o asociație comercială pentru industria ambalajelor PET, deoarece colaborăm cu parteneri pentru a maximiza eforturile noastre de reciclare pentru un impact pozitiv mai mare asupra mediului.

Vă încurajăm să urmăriți Positively PET™ de la NAPCOR (Asociația Națională pentru Resurse pentru Container PET). Campania promovează plasticul PET, explică de ce este #1 ca material de ambalare, clarifică recordul despre mituri versus fapte și multe altele.

Aflați mai multe despre Positively PET™ de la NAPCOR la www.positivelypet.org.