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Deservim industria berii

Plastipak deservește industria berii producând preforme, sticle și butoaie. Ambalajele din PET pentru bere nu doar păstrează gustul intact, dar rezistența la impact a plasticului le face ideale pentru concerte, festivaluri, evenimente sportive și alte activități unde sticla este un potențial pericol.

Butoaiele de bere din PET oferă performanțe superioare față de butoaiele tradiționale în ceea ce privește funcționalitatea și performanța.

Ambalajele revoluționare din PET pentru bere depășesc concurența

Stock PET Beer Bottles | View PDF

Our stock PET beer bottles look just like industry standard glass, but can get you to more Points of Sale. Whether in the ball park, at a concert, or on the golf course, our resilient, shatterproof packaging ensures consumers can enjoy your product in an aesthetic they’re familiar with.

Plastipak’s 12oz long neck and shorty stock bottles, taking standard 26mm crowns, weigh 80% less than a comparable glass bottle, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions in transport.

Run PET on your existing glass filling lines with minimal capital outlay.Expand your reach, not your spend.

PET Packaging for Wine

Sleek, brand-defining PET wine bottles stand out on store shelves. Oxygen barriers reduce gas permeability to protect the full, rich wine flavor. Plastipak delivers appealing wine packaging from traditional sizes to convenient individual wine cups.

Ideal wine packaging for special occasions worth celebrating

Custom Spirits Packaging

For liquor, tequila, rum, and other distilled spirits, Plastipak offers full production of custom PET bottle designs, from sensory emboss detail effects to sample caps and color flexibility.

Custom designs for distinctive spirits packaging

Next Gen Growler | View PDF

Plastipak’s PET growler can offer you multicolor and full-wrap print capability for less cost than glass. Get unmatched marketability in a package that reduces your environmental footprint. The shatterproof, lightweight 64-ounce growler protects the beer without imparting tastes.

Benefits of the PET Growler:

  • Low cost
  • Multicolor artwork
  • Lightweight: Weighs 85% less than the competing glass package, improving customer experience and reducing potential waste
  • Shatterproof
  • Reusable: Just clean with a drop of soap, thoroughly rinse with warm water, and air dry
  • Lower carbon footprint: PET blow molding requires less energy and produces less greenhouse gases than glass manufacturing
  • BPA-free & overall product protection

Lightweight PET growler with distinctive, full-wrap digital artwork