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Standing Out on Shelf

Hotfill containers allow for different bottle designs for every kind of high acid, sensitive foods & beverage & our patented technology makes it possible to hotfill a lightweight PET. Our technology benefits processed foods & beverages that require a hotfill application. Resulting from advanced engineering & technology designed to stabilize product on shelf for high output manufacturing.


  •  Juices, teas & sport drinks
  • Sauces, jams & jellies
  • Iso-tonics
  • Specialized nutrition
  • Dips & Salsa
  • Functional waters
  • Other hotfill beverages


  • Traditional
  • Wide Mouth
  • Base Vacuum Compensation
  • ThermoShape™

Our Proprietary Technologies

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ThermoShape™: Sustainable Solution for Hotfill Packaging

Our patented technology, ThermoShape™ delivers extensive brand-building design flexibility, making it possible to hotfill lightweight PET containers while providing customers with product integrity and cost effectiveness.

Key Benefits

  • Lighterweight containers
  • Freedom of design
  • Smooth wall; no longer requires bulky vacuum panels
  • No changes to blow molding & filling process
  • Ideal alternative to Aseptic filling:
    • Preservative filling
    • Glass bottle using hotfill
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