Markets Served

Juice, Food and Dairy

Food and Processed Drink Products

Plastipak is respected for its food containers that keep salad dressing, powdered baby formula, mayonnaise, pickles and more both fresh and great tasting.

Plastipak’s barrier technologies:

  • Maintain product integrity
  • Protect oxygen-sensitive foods
  • Assure food safety
  • Seal in flavors


Assuring food safety and preserving great taste

Packaging for Dairy Products

Dairy products extend far beyond your ordinary glass of milk at the breakfast table to include pure milk, flavored drinks, yogurt and fermented milk and cream. Dairy products can be processed in the forms of fresh milk, extended shelf life (ESL) milk, ultra-high temperature (UHT) milk, and sterilized milk. Plastipak’s innovative technologies meet the unique demands of dairy packaging.

Dairy products benefit from Plastipak’s LactoEclipse™ barrier technology with a range of monolayer and multilayer options to protect against light and oxygen ingress to provide best-in-class packaging for:

  • Clear monolayer bottles
  • White monolayer bottles
  • Multilayer bottles


PET dairy technologies for maximum freshness and shelf appeal

Juice and Tea

Plastipak offers unique packaging designs for juice and tea products. Clear PET packaging showcases vibrant product colors. Handle features add functionality, while custom designs make the product stand out on store shelves for maximum appeal.

Unique packaging offers clear aesthetic advantage

Salad Dressing

Plastipak has a long history of successful salad dressing packaging, including the Kraft salad dressing container which is the winner of multiple DuPont Packaging Innovation Awards.

Preserving creamy, zesty, and bold dressing flavors

Edible Oil

Appealing packaging showcases golden edible oils with eye-catching designs. The recyclable PET packages maintain the oil’s freshness from the store shelf to the kitchen.

Appealing packaging for edible oil products

Preform Production

Plastipak manufactures a wide range of sustainable preform sizes and forms for the juice, food and dairy markets. Clear and colored preforms with barrier options are made from a combination of new and recycled resin in high-volume preform production.

Offering a variety of preform sizes with barrier options