Our Mission, Vision and Purpose

Business Performance with Purpose

Our Mission

Providing packaging solutions through engaged hearts and minds.

Our Vision

To be the preferred global rigid plastic container enterprise, delivering high-impact results to our markets with extraordinary speed, flexibility, sustainability and value.

Our Purpose

Creating products which inspire choice, provide value and are sustainably balanced for our customers.

Core Values

A Business Based on Ethical Standards

Plastipak operates by meeting expectations for ethical conduct as well as financial goals — all without compromising its integrity. Indeed, we have built a global business culture based on honor, openness and inclusion.

As Plastipak expanded to include locations on five continents, respect for human dignity has remained fundamental to how the company conducts its business. We actively participate in the communities in which Plastipak associates work and live.

With suppliers and customers in agreement, Plastipak works to meet high conservation standards while enhancing the health and safety of its employees and communities

Our Core Values

Trust – Foundation for growth
Accountability – Be responsible
Innovation – Think differently
Integrity – Do the right thing
Dignity – Respect others
Diversity – Enrich the workplace
Engagement – Be involved
Environment – Conserve resources
Community – Be a good citizen

Our Associates

Supportive Environment

The Workplace

Plastipak’s most valuable resource is our associates. We operate with an appreciation for individual contributions and innovation.

Plastipak associates contribute to:

  • Maintaining high performance to achieve outstanding customer service
  • Positioning Plastipak as a global leader in packaging through the design and manufacture of innovative products
  • Improving communities where Plastipak has a presence

Plastipak does the following for associates:

  • Pays fair wages based on industry standards
  • Offers benefits such as health insurance, life insurance and paid vacations
  • Provides a safe work environment
  • Relates fairly and honestly with associates
  • Complies with the laws in all countries where it conducts business

Open Communication

Mutually respectful and trusting relationships require open communication. Each associate must feel free to communicate opinions, share ideas and resolve problems in an environment that encourages and promotes opportunities for success and professional growth.

Plastipak actively promotes open and honest communication as demonstrated by the company’s “Open Line Communication System.” This system allows an associate to ask a question or voice a concern confidentially via the Corporate Talent Management Department.

Social Responsibility

Protecting the Environment

Plastipak is committed to continually fulfilling our responsibilities to protect the environment for future generations, acting as a responsible global citizen for a shared community. The company is committed to social responsibility for environmental guardianship and its leadership in sustainability. Plastipak is meeting the goals set by the company’s formal conservation plan.

Plastipak employs Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) to assess and maximize each stage of our products’ life cycle stages. By applying Life Cycle Thinking, billions of bottles are repurposed annually.

Global Recycling Centers Anchor Recycling Efforts

The HDPE and PET recycled by Plastipak’s recycling affiliate, Clean Tech, finish the recycling process as post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin pellets (rPET in European markets). The PCR resin (rPET) pellets are then used to produce more plastic containers as part of our bottle to bottle approach to recycling.

Eco-Conscious Transport Operations

Plastipak’s transport affiliate, Whiteline Express, actively seeks way to reduce its carbon footprint and protect natural resources. As an EPA SmartWay partner, Whiteline Express installed anti-idling devices, aerodynamic fairing, and higher efficiency tractors.


Plastipak UK partners with Eco-Schools, a global, pupil-led recycling initiative that uses hands-on learning to achieve school-wide participation in exciting environmental projects. Plastipak UK helped create the Eco-Schools Waste and Recycling module. The Eco-Schools program gives children a unique opportunity to empower change within their communities. It encourages students of all ages to work together to increase their knowledge about recycling. Plastipak contributes its expertise in recycling and recyclable packaging to the project.

Corporate Governance

Policies and Standards

High quality corporate governance is key for us to successfully uphold our vision to be the preferred global rigid plastic container enterprise, delivering high-impact results to our markets and stakeholders with extraordinary speed, flexibility, sustainability and value. 

This structure of rules and procedures that we uphold at Plastipak ensures we are fair and transparent to our stakeholders. 

Investor Relations

Financial Information

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