Markets Served

Consumer Cleaning

Durable Packaging for Consumer Cleaning Products

Respected by global cleaning product manufacturers, Plastipak produces a wide selection of sustainable packages from heavy-duty liquid laundry detergent to household cleaning products and aerosol air fresheners.

Functional packaging for hardworking products

Laundry Care Products

Laundry detergents and laundry care products require durable packaging along with functional features for ease-of-use. Plastipak has a long history of successful laundry care packaging across the globe.

Reliable laundry care packaging for every load

Single Unit Dose Products

Laundry care is a breeze with packaging for single unit dose products. These innovative packaging designs bring convenience to the forefront with easy use and no measuring for the consumer.

Convenience with single unit dose packaging for laundry

Dishwasher and Dish Detergents

High-performance packaging for easy cleanup is a must when it comes to dishwasher and dish detergents. Plastipak’s dish soap packaging includes functional features for consumer convenience.

Functional packaging for added convenience

Household Cleaners

Purposeful details such as handle features and spray nozzles make Plastipak’s household cleaner packages easy to handle. Plastipak’s proven packages give reliable, leak-free experiences around the globe.

Purposeful details in household cleaner packaging

Preform Production

Plastipak manufactures a wide range of sustainable preform sizes and forms for the consumer cleaning market. Clear and colored preforms with barrier options are made from a combination of new and recycled resin in high-volume preform production.

Meeting the demands for high-output preform manufacturing