Markets Served

Carbonated Soft Drinks and Water

Plastipak’s Premium Carbonated Soft Drink and Water Packaging

Plastipak takes precedence in the carbonated soft drink and water packaging industries by producing a broad range of containers, from single serve bottles to multi-gallon containers and custom-sized containers for:

  • Waters, sparkling and non-sparkling
  • Carbonated soft drinks
  • Hot fill nutritional beverages

Unique shelf-appeal with product freshness protection

Fresh Packaging for Water

Plastipak has the right packaging for water, whether it’s sparkling, non-sparkling or flavored. Fresh designs build brand identity to help customers stand out from the competition.

Brand-building designs for water packaging

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Carbonated soft drinks require specialized packaging to maintain the carbonation that gives these beverages their signature attribute. Plastipak’s barrier technologies accomplish this to ensure that consumers enjoy the full fizzy flavor in each carbonated drink.

Barrier technologies effectively maintain carbonation

Serving the Juice Market

Plastipak serves the juice market with barrier solutions to maintain product freshness. High output technology produces sustainable juice packaging with extended shelf life, while design flexibility allows for cost-effective, brand-building designs.

Extended shelf life with design flexibility

Heat Set | Juice and Tea

Plastipak’s heat set technology benefits processed juices that require a hot fill application. A full range of sizes and advanced designs are available. Handle features add functionality, while custom designs make the product stand out on store shelves for maximum appeal.

Unique packaging offers clear aesthetic advantage

Preform Production

Plastipak manufactures a wide range of sustainable preform sizes and forms for the carbonated soft drink and water markets. Clear and colored preforms with barrier options are made from a combination of new and recycled resin in high-volume preform production.

Offering a Wide Selection of Preforms for Beverage Packaging