Superior Barrier Technologies for Ultimate Product Protection

Plastipak’s wide range of barrier technologies protect your product’s flavor, nutrients and color while providing clarity and flexible package designs. Monolayer and multilayer barrier solutions cover the varying needs of different product types, including orange juice, ketchup, dairy products, beer and many others.

DiamondClear™ redefines barrier technology with exceptional clarity, a durable monolayer structure, extended shelf life and significant transport cost savings compared to glass alternatives. A monolayer structure eliminates potential aesthetic and performance issues while providing brilliant clarity to showcase the product.

    Dairy products benefit from Plastipak’s LactoEclipse™ barrier technology with a range of monolayer and multilayer options to protect against light and oxygen ingress. Our dairy packaging is suitable for fresh milk, extended shelf-life milk, yogurt and fermented milk, cream, UHT milk, and more.

      Other Barrier Technologies

      Plastipak has your barrier needs covered with a wide selection of barrier technologies.

      • Bind-Ox™ offers clarity for beer, juice, wine, and long neck bottles.
      • Multiblox™ is a multilayer barrier technology providing up to 12 months of shelf-life for juice, sensitive beverages, and ketchup.
      • Nylon OA gives a high resistance to delamination for sparkling water and carbonated soft drinks.
      • MonoBlox+™ is a monolayer barrier technology providing up to 6 months of shelf-life for juice, wine, ketchup, and sensitive beverages.

      Barrier Technology Advantages

      Plastipak’s barrier technologies offer significant benefits for your product.

      • Active and passive barriers
      • Protection from oxygen ingress, light, and CO2 loss
      • Extended shelf life
      • Resistance to delamination